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June 1, 2016
3 yrs


Omraj Rajan Lecturer
Omraj Rajan
Head of Technology


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Programming , Training

The B.Sc. Program in Information Technology Course imparts knowledge of Computer and Programming logic in IT.

Wavez Learning Center offers intensive training for Subjects of each 6 Semesters in B.Sc. I.T. curriculum.

Semester 1
Professional Communication skills
Applied Mathematics
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Electronics and Communication technology
Introduction to C++ programming

Semester 2
Web Designing and Programming
Applied Mathematics
Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
Database Management Systems
Data Communication and Networking Standards

Semester 3
Logic and Discrete Mathematics
Computer Graphics
Advanced SQL
Object Oriented Programming with C++
Modern Operating Systems

Semester 4
Software Engineering
Java and Data Structures
Quantitative Techniques
Embedded Systems

Semester 5
Network Security
Asp.Net With C#
Software Testing
Advanced Java
Linux Administration

Semester 6
Internet Technology
Project Management
Data Warehousing
IPR and Cyber Laws
Digital Signal And Systems
Geographic Information Systems

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